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Students Development


"The purpose of all education, it is admitted by thinkers of east and west, is to provide a coherent picture of the universe and an integrated way of life. We cannot be wise without some basis of knowledge and remain devoid of wisdom. Since education is both a training of minds and a training of souls, it should give both knowledge and wisdom. "Radhakrishna Commission" (aims of University Education). Education should imbibe Ethical Values, Equality, Liberty and the Wisdom.

Savitribai Phlue Pune University, Board of Students Development truly represents this vision that is multidimensional as well as multifaceted. This vision sees the youth as a source of strength where their energy is harnessed to nation building and socially relevant activities to build an egalitarian society.

Schemes / Activities undertaken by Institute for the development of students community.

1. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Earn and Learn Scheme

2. Special Guidance Scheme

3. Personality Development Scheme

4. Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan

5. Youth Festival

6. Student's Safety Insurance

7. Annual Prize Distribution Function

8. Emergency Help to Students

9. Dr. P. C. Alexander State Level Elocution Competition

10. Disaster Management Training

11. Student Representatives Campus

12. Samartha / Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan

Students Development Advisory Committee at IBMRD
Sr. No. Designation Name
1 Director of institute (Chairman) Prof. Dr. Arun Ingle
2 Secretary General, Trust (Member) Lt. Gen. Dr. B. Sadananda[Retd]
3 Student Development Officer (SDO) Mr. A. A. Nimbalkar
4 Teacher Representative (Member) Mrs. Nisal A. S.
5 Local Social Worker (Member) Mr. Kadam U. S.
6 Student Representative (Member) Ms. Yogita Ambade
7 Non-Teaching Staff (Member) Mrs .Patankar S. J.
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